Hi I'm Sam

Welcome to SPA, You're probably here because you want to or already compete in functional fitness and have been going around in circles with your training, allow me to help

  • Over 2000 hours of hands on experience
  • Over 200 Athlete glow ups
  • BSc Sports & Exercise Science First Class
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This is how we will build your foundation

A Bespoke Programme

Structured, adjustable & tailored to you. Designed specifically to build your weaknesses and capitalise on your strengths. A proven formula for real results.

Technique Video Analysis

Every video you provide is looked at and dissected. This is how we will improve your movement and feed into your progress over time.

Live Feedback & Chat

About as close to one to one personal training as you can get, in the team chat we also provide additional support and monthly giveaways.

Adjustable Programs

You get a program that is adjustable and works in the real world. We understand that schedules change and daily stress comes into play.


Further your understanding of the movements and techniques and learn how to get the best out of your body. All using simple cues.

Accountability & Support

For those tough days when things just aren't going your way, we will keep you on track and help develop your own understanding of your training.

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Could you benefit from being part of the SPA?

Literally anyone can join.
Currently there are athletes of all ages and abilities on the team, as long as you are ready to turn up, learn and get the most out of yourself, you are welcome at SPA.

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