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Firstly, Welcome and thank you for booking your Call.

This was the first step towards becoming part of the SPA Team. On this page you will find all the relevant information you may need before we have a chat!

Your Next Steps:

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What can I do?

Book out 45-60 mins in your schedule (depending on how chatty you are) to make sure you don’t forget.
Make sure you’re in a quiet area with a pen and paper – just in case you want to take any notes.
Have a think about any questions you may have and write them down so you don’t forget.
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Things we will Cover

A little more about you…
We will talk through your training and whats been going well for you and what hasn’t gone so well – leave no stone unturned here, I want to know it all – the more you let me know the more I can help.
I want to know what motivates you and what image you have of yourself in 3, 6 or 12 months time so that I can recommend and advise best on our plan of action.
My Coaching
I’ll share my screen, show you through the app, talk you through the service and everything that you get access too.
I have a few different options with pricing and it’ll depend on the level of support you’re after and how long you want to commit for so I’ll talk you through all of that to find which package is best for you.
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Is there a Contract?
What if I have a busy schedule?
When can I start?

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