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This was the first step towards becoming part of the SPA Team.
On this page you will find all the relevant information you may need before we have a chat!

Putting it bluntly - I only work with people who understand the importance of time and mutual respect and as a result will not reschedule calls that are cancelled within 24 hours of appointment without a valid reason.


Next Steps...

Book out 60-90 mins in your schedule (depending on how chatty you are) and make sure you don’t forget.
Make sure you’re not on the go anywhere - This call requires both parties full attention so find a quiet area and have a pen and paper ready – just in case you want to take any notes.
Have a think about any questions you may have and write them down so you don’t forget.

Things we will Cover

A little more about you… 🤔
We will talk through your training and whats been going well for you and what hasn’t gone so well – leave no stone unturned here, I want to know it all – the more you let me know the more I can help.
Goals 🎯
I want to every little (and big) thing that you want to achieve. Whether its a 100kg snatch or a first pull up I want to know it all so that we can plan a timeline and figure out the steps that we need to take to get you there.
My Coaching 🏆
I'll share my screen to walk you through exactly what a week of training might look like for you and talk through the different elements of the service that you’re going to have access to.
Pricing 🏷️
I have a few different options with pricing and it’ll depend on the level of support you’re after and how long you want to commit for so I’ll talk you through all of that to find which package is best for you.


"I already have a coach in my class"
"How can I learn techniques if you aren't with me in person?"
"I’ve had a coach before and it didn’t work"
"Is there a contract?"
"What about payment, what do I do" 
"When can I start?"
"What if i'm going on holiday?"
"What if I have a busy schedule?"

So how does it Work?

A Custom Built Training System

Using TrueCoach we will build a custom training system around you and your goals. Check out the video as I go into the details of how we build your programme.

Weekly Performance Evaluation

I have a check in form, ready for you every week so that we can quanititavely evaluate your performance and recovery. Using a 3-tier traffic light system we can efficiently get your training tailored to you and your day-to-day.

Immediate Training Support

See how we bridge the gap between online and in-person coaching to bring you the best of both worlds. Even if you are mid-session, simply send me a message on WhatsApp and we will sort you out.

Need more Convincing?
Hear it from the Clients

"The coaching cues are tailored to me and feedback is always given promptly on any videos I send through." 
"Work can be stressful and tiring so having someone programme for me who understands this is a real game changer."
"Sam often checks in to see how work has been and is flexible with my training plans, adjusting sessions accordingly based off how I’m feeling on the day." 
"Joining the SPA team is by far and away the best decision I’ve ever made with regards to my training."